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Kathy Elizabeth
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I will not ask you to stay

If you must go, go
I don’t need you
I will breathe (carefully) without you
I will smile (slowly) without you
I will go on (eventually) without you
I’d be much happier
If you chose to not leave,
But if you must let go, let go
And I will too

And hopefully one day
I will teach my heart to not break
Whenever everyday thoughts
Lead to you

I’m afraid I’m much too weak,
I’m afraid we’ll always be
A book with the end pages ripped out,
I’m afraid I’ll always wonder,
Always ache,
Always place everyone second to you

I’m afraid I’ll always love you

But I will not ask you to stay.

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The Good Vibe
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Had my very first driving lesson & well I guess you could say I did alright for the first time (:
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